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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  August 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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salemme and hauled him into court. brandon gunnoe is live for us with a look at what at what exactly happened today. >> he was here in federal court this afternoon charged with killing a federal witness in the early '90s. >> reporter: frank cadillac salemme, a former mob boss with ties to whitey bulger, was charged in federal court today with the murder of a federal witness 23 years ago. >> mr. salemme denies these charges, always >> reporter: after receiving a tip in june, the fbi doug up the remains of steven desaro in providence. salemme is accused of killing the south boston nightclub manager in 1993. now more than two decades later, investigators arrested cadillac in connecticut. >> he was arrested because he fled his prior residence. >> was he on the run? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: the defense
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understands, stephen flemmi toad the feds he saw what happened. >> he says on a particular day at a particular time he happened to be in the neighborhood and witness this crime. it's untrue. we will go to trial. >> reporter: the victim's family was also in court. they did not wish to speak. >> for 23 years the debt car oh family has had more -- desaro family has had more questions than answers and they're hoping they'll have their questioned answered and justice for steven. >> salemme walked in, looked at the prosecutor and said, fred, fancy seeing you here. >> what do you think about him saying, fred, fancy seeing you here? >> mob humor. >> salemme actually waived his right for probable cause hearing. so we don't know exactly when his trial will start, but if convicted, he faces life in prison or the death penalty. live outside federal court, brandon gunnoe, 7news. and we're following more
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home in waltham. two women were hurt including an 83-year-old. the suspect now in custody at this hour. >> the crime leaving that neighborhood very shaken, obviously. john cocoa live in waltham with the breaking details for us today at 6:00. john. >> yeah, right now state police are still here, we've seen them walking around the house, carrying some evidence bags. the d.a.'s office says this attack was not random. >> it's like shocking. >> reporter: people in waltham on ee at around 1:00 wednesday. >> i'm very sad. this is very sad. >> reporter: once on scene, police find 53-year-old woman with multiple stab wounds and an 83-year-old woman with a cut on her hand. both were taken to the hospital. the 53-year-old is in critical condition. >> i know they was my neighbors. they say hi, how are you. >> reporter: police say the 37-year-old suspect initially left the scene but was later found and arrested by waltham
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different charges, and we're told the victims and the suspect all know each other. >> it's my neighbor, like i'm very sad. >> we're told the charges include armed assault with intent to murder, assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and assault and battery with a deadly weapon on a victim over 60. live in waltham, john cocoa, 7news. and there's some breaking news out of new york city. a man is currently climbing the trump tower with suction cups. you're looking at this we've been watching it for at least an hour now. let's get to ryan schulteis in our newsroom. any new information here, ryan? this man has been climbing for a couple of hours, scaling the skyscraper is 58 stories. he's using suction cups and ropes. he has a harness and climbing clips and he opened a backpack at one point to take out a cap which he then put it on.
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does fall. they have busted through winds to try to get him to come in. a small crowd has gathered as well to watch him climb. trump's campaign has not commented on this climber. in the newsroom, i'm ryan schulteis, 7news. also today, shut down because of health concerns. sweet green, a popular restaurant on boylston street closed until further notice. a customer got sick after eating there . the health department inspection turned up numerous the restaurant right now with a look at some of those problems. kelli. >> pages and pages of violation, we learned that yesterday wasn't the first surprise inspection, it was the third in recent months. and for now this restaurant is closed until further notice. >> that's kind of a bummer, you know. she wanted to grab a salad. >> it's bad because people need the healthy food. >> reporter: people on boylston looking for a light lunch having to get their greens somewhere else after sweet green, a
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violations. >> sweet green is a restaurant that has been on our radar for a while. i think it's a systematic problem that has to be addressed. we keep seeing the same things happening over and over and over. >> reporter: the city holding an emergency meeting earlier with the restaurant, the chain failing a surprise inspection prompted after customers called inspectional services on monday to report that she got sick. >> they ate a spicy wasabi expald had syms report they had with diarrhea and fatigue. >> reporter: commissioner william christopher says sweet green has been inspected three times over the past few months and have had problems. the city is taking it very seriously. they have found issues with temperatures of food, hand washing, as well as cleaning, maintenance and sanitation. >> who is gonna be in charge tone sure us these things do not happen again? >> reporter: as to the restaurant chain, they released a statement saying, in part, we have implemented a new structure
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is being deployed today at back bay into being better than ever. >> although the restaurant is closed for now, they failed inspection, there's always a corporate team here and they've already begun training, which is a big issue for the city. the city says when they are ready, they will come back and inspect it. if it passes, they will open back up. they say if you have concern about a restaurant that you go to, dial 311 and let them know. in boston tonight, keli o'hara , a 7news. and olympic zone, the olympic flame burning bright in rio as team usa tries to collect more hardware from the summer games. some of our biggest stars hit the pool today. >> and patriot nate hener also competed joe amorosino has all of the day's action for us. nate hener and team usa had a tall task going up against fiji. last night the u.s. needed a win
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but despite the late comeback, they lost by 1 point. they did win their second match against brazil and will compete for ninth place tomorrow. u.s. men's swimming continuing itself dominate run today led by michael phelps, the most decorated olympian of all time, finished first in his heat in the 200 meter individual medley. he posted the third best time overall, his teammate ryan lochte getting the number one semifinals tonight. >> you can see kerri walsh, jennings, and april ross hit the beach volleyball tonight, and it's not enough action, gold is on the line for the men's gymnastics individual all-around. here's a look at the medal count, the united states remains strong extending its lead 28 total medals including 10 gold and 8 silver. china has been instead that 2 spot now with 18 medals and the
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you can tune in tonight to see the americans and see if they can keep it going in prime time. that begins at 8:00 right here on 7 nbc. reporting live in the newsroom, joe amorosino, 7news. >> we'll be there, joe. and the women's gymnastics team responsible for one of the gold medals that you just mentioned. the final five dominated in the gym. needham native aly raisman is the captain of that team. she put on a near flawless performance. >> that's right. there in rio. >> the u.s. women's gymnastics team defending their olympic title. lives there for the whole competition, and when team usa took gold,the energy was
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aly raisman leading the u.s. gymnastics team to two separate titles. >> back-to-back olympic golds, how does it feel? >> it feels incredible. i'm just so excited. >> reporter: the girls finally revealing the secret name they'd given themselves after the big win. >> we are the final five! >> final five, tell me about that team name. >> well, it's marta's last olympics so we kind of wanted to dedicate it to her, and the next olympic there's oy team so we're basically the final team of five left. >> reporter: the dedication bringing the entire national team -- retired national team coordinator to tears. >> when i heard the final five, that was the moment when i broke it. >> reporter: aly's parents have been cheering her on and says finally seeing them in the stands after learning the team won gold was a very special moment. >> i hadn't actually seen them i think since before i left.
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able to see them in the stands, it was just incredible because i miss them a lot. >> reporter: the team made getting to the number one spot look easy. the final fight dominated in every event since entering the arena tuesday. >> i just think our team is so perfectly built together. we were there for each other and the teamwork is definitely there. it was amazing to win a gold with these girls. >> reporter: for aly and gabby douglas, this is team gold number 2. >> back to back, yeah. i feel amazing right now. >>ep looking forward to sharing the victory with everyone back home. >> thank you guys all so much for this support, and i can't wait to come back home and share my gold medal with all of you guys. i love you guys. >> aly and samone looking ahead to the individual all-around final on thursday. in rio, nancy chen, 7news. and the video of the day coming from new olympic gold medalist samone biles hours after she and the gymnastics team wowed the world.
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and gym bag. #everything is okay. >> and samone getting some twitter love. last night tweeting of course i'm watching the final five dominate the floor. and coming up tonight after the games, local judo star kayla harrison has is some elite training partners. we'll reveal that tonight at 11:00. now i'm curious. against her. >> you'd think so. i'm curious, too. taking a little turn here. coming up on 7news, a family really searching for answers. >> their beloved pet dies after being attacked in a hanover kennel. the charges the kennel owner now faces. had some beneficial rain throughout the afternoon. tomorrow heat and humidity. heat indacies will be near 100
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they moved seven dogs, brought them to other shelters. the owner here allegedly failed to protect a customer's pet which had been mauled by his own dog. >> ben was a member of the family, without a doubt. >> reporter: this scituate woman mourning the loss of her golden doodle named ben. >> it's been difficult. my daughter has nightmares, i have nightmares, flashbacks about the horrific scene. >> reporter: tracy says she went on vacation last month and left ben at brierwood route 53. when she returned she found the dog in terrible condition. >> i was horrified. he been bitten and bruised from neck to tail. >> reporter: after a an investigation found ben had been bitten more than 400 times and died after surgery. a vet estimated at least eight hours had passed from the time of a dog fight until ben's treatment. kennel owner david ricardo has been summoned to court to face felony animal cruelty charges.
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attacked could have survived had the operator of the kennel been more attentive, and so our concern really is the environment and neglect that exist within the kennel. >> reporter: ricardo owns a golden retriever named grizzly which apparently attacked ben. teresa says grizzly had bitten ben before and ricardo promised the two would be kept separated this time. >> he was such a sweet dog. you know, i think that the other dog sensed t >> reporter: hanover has temporarily suspended ricardo's license to operate. >> he needs to be shut down so this doesn't happen again. >> when i asked how he's doing, ricardo, the owner of the kennel, says he's miserable and now looking for a lawyer to represent him when he goes before the board of selectmen at a meeting be monday. that board could decide to keep the kennel shut down. could pull his license, could even decide that his own pet grizzly needs to be put down. we're live in hanover, jonathan
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saw some beneficial rain across southern new england this afternoon. more rain in the forecast. we'll talk more about that up
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ed. >> beneficial rainy through the day and still dealing with a couple of showers. downpours exiting cape ann, the north shore when these came
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rain in about a half-hour's time. a little too much of rain but no reports of flooding on its streets for the roadways. as we look farther west, we have a scattering of showers and a few downpours to contend with up until about 7:30, 8:00, and then i think we're done for the rest of the night. new hampshire close to 2 inches of rain and andover over an inch of rain. lexington and natick right along the pike, there's a narrow ribbon where there wasn't quite as much rain but we're getting some of that back now and there's more on the forecast. around 80 and the showers have added a lot of humidity. the dewpoint temperatures not much lower than the temps and those dewpoints and temps will hang out together and be rather humid overnight tonight. the sox game tonight, again, the risk of a few isolated showers but i think they'll play baseball with temperatures starting the game close to 80 and then in the middle 70s. on the maps this evening, bermuda high pressure in control and that's pumping in a lot of humidity as well as clouds and showers right now. we also have this front up here which slowly works into new england over the next several
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sunday evening, it will be about the heat and the humidity, with at first just a slight chance of a shower or storm tomorrow and friday afternoon because it will be so hot and humid. but then as we work into the weekend, the front gets closer to us, so the chance of showers and storms will begin to go back up. tomorrow it's hot, like wicked hot. temps in the upper 80s to low 90s and you factor in the humidity and it will feel between 95 and 100. boston tomorrow, these are actual temps, i'm thinking, 94 in the city, worcester at 90 degrees. even on the c 80s to around 90. >> heat advisory in affect, meaning it will feel close to 100, similar to the windchill in the wintertime where the wind works against you. tomorrow the humidity will really do a number on you if you're outside with your jobs or just playing golf or tennis. heat in -- heat advisory in affect until 7:00 tomorrow night. doing it all again on friday and eventually start to cool things off early next week.
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patriots fans feeling a whole lot better today about julian edelman's help. the patriots wide receiver and left fat back in action this morning. he was limited but out there. the biggest concern this morning in foxboro was the weather. edelman taking part in today's rainy joint practice with the saints on a limited basis. he went off to the side before the two teams got eventual team drills, but just knowing edelman's okay after yesterday's scare is good enough for jimmy garoppolo. >> you love to have a guy like that, who's a competitor, who's gonna fight for you. you know he cares about the game and makes you want to play that much better and perform at a higher level, you know, just having guys around you like that. >> did you see him go off the field yesterday? i didn't see that. i was breathing totally fine. >> gronk. even the best offensive baseball needs a little tinkering now and then. red sox manager john ferrel making some changes to the order
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bogart will bat second and mookie betts will bat third. also a change to the starting rotation, scratching steven wright from tomorrow night's game after he jammed his shoulder diving back to second base while pinch running for david ortiz sunday against the dodgers. wright won't need a trip to the disabled list but the sox are sending edwardo rodriguez to play in his place and clay buchholz will start on saturday. down in rio, leading the pack with a medal count of 28, china in second with 20. and japan placing third for the moment with 17. staying at the games, men's soccer. south korea and mexico, scoreless in the 77th minute until kwanchang unleashes the kick, his magical strike knocks out the defending gold medalist
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change for the red sox tomorrow night, yankees mayor gerardy says alex rodriguez will remain in the line-up. that's sports. that's sports. be 7news continues aft for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all stop & shop produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess.
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tonight a shocking fatal mistake, an elderly woman shot to death by a police officer while playing an intruder during an academy drill. an investigation into a accident. trump defiant, strongly denying he was trying to incite violence while saying second amendment people could act against hillary clinton. and hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. drama on the high tower. police emerge as a man suddenly scales the bui building. the gold rush continues in rio. michael phelps makes history in dramatic fashion and america's


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